This is very helpful. I can't tell I had them physically but mentally it will always be there. Dealing with bouts of depression. Nobody seems to want to deal with this or tell me what is causing it. And I wonder, why was the author not on Xarelto/Eliquis which seems easier to work with than the other blood thinners. I know I should count my blessings for having been consistently stable throughout this whole process, but because of that stability and my speedy discharge, my loved ones and I are having a hard time understanding how sick I am and whether my recovery symptoms are worrisome. Feel free to get second opinions. 30 minutes or so later the nurse came and shut down the heparin drip for an hour as I was too high. A blood clot can be a life-changing diagnosis for many people, and the path to healing is a little bit different for everyone. It may be a while before I can work so finances worry me immensely as I have just got residency and we have little savings. I am now on Lovenox and Coumadin. I do not have pneumonia, mono, an autoimmune disease, or a thyroid issue. 2015; doi:10.7326/M14-1772. Had to fire my Rheumy bc of her attitude and lack of knowledge about the drugs I'm on. I'd had a pretty bad bike crash on the same leg as the clot. this whole situation makes me not trust doctors. I still occasionally have twinges in my legs and have not felt 100% yet. I am still taking warfarin. The blockage can be dangerous. Your doctor may prescribe blood thinners for six months or longer to prevent additional clots from forming. If you want to run the Well's test on yourself you can. There have been a lot of ups and downs. Hope that helps, but I'm really worried that this is the way it's going to be forever. I'm currently pregnant, take lifelong warfarin yet I've just suffered with another pe. Self-induced stress will probably knock you off sooner than life in general and even if it doesn't, it will make your stay less enjoyable :-). Ferri FF. "Mayo," "Mayo Clinic," "," "Mayo Clinic Healthy Living," and the triple-shield Mayo Clinic logo are trademarks of Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research. Doctors may treat or prevent blood clots by prescribing blood-thinning medications. NO ONE ever suggested to me about having my blood tested prior to my experience even though my sister had a PE after surgery as well! Turned out I had multiple embolisms in both lungs. His breathing has been getting worse but oxygen levels stay in the 97 to 98 range except when he's in hospital. Lena Welch (author) from USA on April 05, 2015: I am glad thattPA was there! Lack of oxygen supply causes death of lung tissue. This had a major effect on Pete as he was getting slightly better but when he INR was too low he went back to being very ill again. Chest pain. I travel frequently for work and just. This may happen when you are immobile for long periods, such as after surgery, during a long trip in an airplane or car, or if you must stay in bed for an extended time. How another PE may kill me. Recovery time depends on the size and seriousness of the clot, your overall wellness, and your health history. It helps to know others have had this experience and lived to tell the tale. com. For this reason, most hospitals are aggressive about taking measures to prevent blood clots, including: The risk of blood clots developing while traveling is low, but increases as long-haul travel increases. It was huge I saw the cat scan. Medical experts have reported unusual blood clots in people with COVID-19. I thought it was a lot of fuss about nothing because I was feeling fine, just a little bit breathless if I walked too far. Your guide to preventing and treating blood clots. In: Ferri's Clinical Advisor 2020. All I remember is, on the fateful day, feeling a bit dizzy - then I began struggling for air. Some people fully recover, others do not. Mayo Clinic; 2018. As I got better they became fewer and fewer. Mayo Clinic. Blood tests are not finding anything. With no improvement in extreme fatigue, my now fading body, I hope. I was reading and relaxing on a chair at home. The doctors suspect that my birth control and yet to be discovered genetic factors are to blame. I have to be very careful. Thank you !!! For a year now he has been passing out. It is now 4 weeks post for me, and I have been frustrated at how some days seem so good and only a bit of paracetamol needed, and other days the oxycodone just barely holds the pain. Thank you so much for your article! Everyone also heals at a different rate. They did the EKG, blood work, and chest x ray. Do I need an echo-cardiograph to see if my heart ejection factor etc has gotten worse? it's the most comprehensive one I've read and totally appreciate it! I will be on coumadin for life. After diagnosis in the ER, I was given warfarin & lovenox shots. With treatment, the body has a cha… Oh please! These patients may have simple complaints of chest pain or shortness of breath. There is no generic for it, so they charge both an arm and a leg. Before the broken hip I was a keen road cyclist thinking nothing of riding 100 miles. You all know how it is. I spent 6 days in the hospital getting my warfarin going and get my INR high enough to go home. I have been off of the warfarin for four weeks now and my heart rate fluctuates between 70 and 90 beats. What Causes Blood Clots In Lungs After Surgery? This was almost three weeks ago. One study examined the effects of blood thinners in people who were hospitalized with COVID-19. It's a long road but dooable. Several pieces of clots were identified, but described to me by my doctor, as being very small. Within the spave of 6 days my INR shot up to 4.9 from 2.8. It is looking like that was a good estimate for my body. I am not threatening you, but it is true. About 4 in 100 people with a pulmonary embolism have long-term lung damage known as pulmonary hypertension. Because I was pregnant, I literally did not notice any symptoms of PE. What I have found is how taxing this is mentally. “Recovery from lung damage takes time,” Galiatsatos says. This will give you a lot more freedom and will be a large step in your pulmonary embolism recovery. Now I'm back to low level mountain biking. That isn't too bad. I was sent home two days ago with Xarelto and I'm still having chest pains, in new places. I've also experienced chest sensations throughout my recovery that I can't find any information on. It begins when the patient has a diagnosis of pulmonary embolism and is given blood thinners to stop new clots from forming. The leg ultrasounds mentioned above will provide solid evidence on the risk of more clots lodging in your lungs. Hopefully the surgery will get to bottom of the pain. It has been 3 months now , can anybody tell me if they have trouble laying down in bed as I get pain and lots of lung noise so tend to sleep more elevated also hurts more to lay on my right hand side. As a health professional, doctoral student, mother, and caregiver, Ena Wanliss is living the fulfilling life she always dreamed of. I am one of the lucky ones who went to the emergency room for shortness of breath and chest pain and the doctor who, after hearing I was on tamoxifen after having had breast cancer, ordered tests for clots. The length of time you will stay in the hospital for treatment of a blood clot varies. I still feel chest pain on some days. You can come off of anticoagulation if there are no serious clotting conditions and if you haven't re-clotted while on anticoagulation. In most cases, pulmonary embolism is caused by blood clots that travel to the lungs from the legs or, rarely, other parts of the body (deep vein thrombosis). These blood clots most commonly come from the deep veins of your legs, a condition known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Great site. Lung damage appears to heal, just takes time: “CT scans at 6 weeks showed lung damage from inflammation and coronavirus-induced fluid accumulation — which shows up as “ground glass” patches — in 88% of patients. Other than treatment information, however, I found very little information about what the recovery itself would be like. Really? Maybe I will wake up one morning and think "Good grief, I almost died!" I was prescribed Coumadin and sent home. I've been on medical leave for a while already for a condition called Pseudotumor Cerebri- fancy words for too much fluid in my head that puts pressure on everything. I do not have a fever. I stayed 2 weeks in ICU. With treatment, the body has a chance to heal from pulmonary embolism without the threat of new clots. Drink water or electrolytic beverages, move around the cabin of the plane, take frequent rest stops in a car, consider prophylactic low molecular weight heparin injections, and possibly wear gradient compression stockings. Generally it is always in the middle of my chest. Deep vein clots, if dislodged, can travel through veins through the lungs to the arteries in the lungs. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. Blood clots can cause life-threatening events like strokes. It does create a certain anxiety, the aches, pains, cough. Other mechanisms of lung damage could also cause death in a few patients but formation of blood clots in the lung is the most consistent problem in nearly all cases. The most common lung problem faced post-COVID-19 recovery includes lung fibrosis. Thanks. I have a clot in my leg and 3 in my lungs. Since, I have had a cascade of bizarre symptoms. Pulmonary embolism. Litin SC (expert opinion). After that they phoned my GP, who requested a spiral CT, with dye injected into an arm vein. Okay, that means only 1 driving break each way. Clots in the blood vessels were a leading cause of death and were said to account for 25% of the deaths in 2010. You can also look into pulmonary therapy for exercise tolerance rehabilitation with an exercise therapist, respiratory therapist, or physical therapist to help to regain lung function. I never knew for sure where that line was. They can test you to see if there are any new clots that have shown up. If you are diagnosed with a PE you are one of the lucky ones. Mine are all gone. I'm on Coumadin for life. They tested him for a kidney infection which was clear and gave him pain killers. My thyroid developed into Hashimoto's after 12 years of stability. A link to this page should be included on discharge papers. I see that people are on Coumadin. I have battled with depression because of the inability to be as active as I was. Being the now hypochondriac that I am, I went back and reviewed my blood work from my PE admission and discover my WBC has been above normal the whole time. I met with surgeon (he removed my gullbladder several years ago) and he will remove my lipomas and take a look around my abdominal area via liproscopic surgery. I had to do that. So I caught a taxi to the hospital and fronted up to the triage desk. You need to know that they are not a return or exacerbation of clots in the lungs. My husband was diagnosed several years ago with emphysema. And I am now 2 weeks out of the hospital after a PE so encompassing that I had to have tPA to save my life. My blood pressure was fine, my oxygen saturation was fine, the ECG for my heart was fine - I just had lungs full of clots. I was in a 2nd world country at the time and had no desire to check out their medical facilities. Hello! Products & Services. Some patients die before they even know that they have a PE. Your doctor may prescribe blood thinners for six months or longer to prevent additional clots from forming. Learn why that’s concerning, how to treat them and whether they can be prevented. The began running test for PE and determined that I had Saddle PE. The warfarin dose is carefully adjusted. In many cases, multiple clots are involved in pulmonary embolism. Not to be the bearer of bad news (although I do have a pessimistic nature to be honest), I think more patients need to be told this – and more doctors need to realize it. Plus I had long drives and air flights to see clients in the weeks before my hospitalization. My oral health is excellent. It is not uncommon for someone to go 3 months without any problems and then find themselves with pain or shortness of breath again. While I was glad to get home, the months following have been strenuous. Lena Welch (author) from USA on November 25, 2015: Interesting article. Under control at moment. Another trip to A&E the same day and they put Pete on the blood thinning injection and booked him in for an ultrasound a week later on his leg looking for a DVT. Thanks again for your article. The hospital felt that I would be safe at home as long as I continued a heparin type drug until my INR was high enough. Bingo! But in some cases, the clot doesn’t fully dissolve, which can lead to pulmonary hypertension and a form of heart failure. My goal for 2014 is to manage to jog 3 miles without breaks (before my PE I could easily run 10 miles). A lobectomy—removal of a lobe in a lung—is major surgery usually offered as a treatment for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). My vitals were fine and I was safe. The body is seen to break up the small clots quickly and tries to keep the damage minimum. Contrast dye has a lot of bad reactions in many people and the amount of radiation in a spiral CT is staggering. If you show signs of pulmonary hypertension—when blood pressure in the lungs is too high, taxing your heart—after experiencing pulmonary embolism, your NYU Langone vascular specialis… But some patients also had clotting, or thrombotic, complications in their veins and arteries in other parts of the body. I tested positive for heart disease. Recovering from pulmonary embolism will take some work, both on your doctor’s part and on yours. Pulmonary embolism (PE) recovery period or healing time differs deeply from individual to individual. Immediate care will vary greatly. My husband fell off a ladder last March, he was rushed into hospital and they discovered multiple clots in his lungs. Your article was insightful and understandable. If your blood oxygen and heart rate look good you will begin to be allowed on supervised walks of the unit. The hospital has a scheme whereby a nurse comes to the patient's home every morning to do the INR blood test until the levels are right. A month ago I wore a heart monitor for two days at home, still no communication from the hospital. thought it was another anxiety attack but turned out to be something this dangerous. Blood clots, also known as pulmonary thromboemboli, can form in the dog’s veins anywhere in the body. To all who write in: DO NOT GIVE UP. I love you stuff. I had a PE in Nov. still having problems. The attending physician on the cardiac floor where I ended up told me I should be dead. Diagnosed 2+ weeks ago with massive bilateral PEs. I developed blood clots after they took a vein out of my leg for heart bypass surgery. Doing ok get tired but excercising daily. It's now 3 months nearly since Pete has been on this drug and fingers crossed it seems to work well for him. I am 33 years old. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. So ER docs out there, ask about any recent bodily trauma. I do hope all on this blog gets well soon ,I cant seem to see the end of it for now, just keep going. I am on blood thinner tablets and am due to go back to hospital for a check up in 3 weeks. Like you I do have the chest pain mainly on my left side. Also, if you aren't feeling well work with your doctor to get better. RSNA. Thank you for your insight and words of encouragement. When a blood clot occurs inside the arteries to the lungs, the condition is called pulmonary embolism (PE). Besides the upper back pain and fatigue, I feel almost normal. And, in COVID-19, microscopic clots may restrict blood flow in the lungs, impairing oxygen exchange. 2016; doi:10.1016/ S0140-6736(16)30514-1. He directed us to a bed and told Pete not to move around. Before I went in this last time I was sleeping about 4-6 hours a day. The radiologist really had to convince me to go to the nearest hospital and wasn't happy when I talked about going home first to get some things. I had most of my lungs where covered in clots. A basic echo is fairly standard not sure about the more detailed one. This article helped me NOT freak out. Those with minor embolisms may also remain in the hospital on heparin until the Coumadin is therapeutic. The first year was tough with lots of false alarm rushing to hospital and extra CT scans I didn't need. The entire experience was terrifying. Thank you for this post it definitely helped. The goals a patient must reach in order to be discharged are: The big question that many people have is "what does therapeutic range mean?" Hope you are still well x, We are winding if you would be willing to sharine some of you great information with us, so we can addict to our site? Evaluation of patients with suspected acute pulmonary embolism: Best practice advice from the Clinical Guidelines Committee of the American College of Physicians. Started aqua zumba exercises 3 weeks ago, then chest pain and shortness of breath for the last 3 days. This is referred to as a pulmonary embolism and can be deadly. A single copy of these materials may be reprinted for noncommercial personal use only. Walking will also help to prevent new clots. If you take too much warfarin you will be more likley to have a significant problem with bleeding. Get adequate rest and follow your doctor’s guidance on when to return to a normal routine. We booked this with a 2 week wait. Is anyone having this issue.. this. MAKE THEM LISTEN TO YOU. As that pain subsided, fatigue entered the equation. With in about 30 minutes I could take very small breaths, and was able to get back to sleep. You helped me tremendously with your thoroughness and first hand experience. I now realize I am so lucky to be alive. Exercise may help prevent further clots so don't give up on it. I would like to travel again to further destinations, yet the thought of a shot in the stomach, or taking zeralto has kept me grounded. Had to cancel my holiday to Hawaii though. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The first time I was having a hard time breathing and went to the ER. Then my pulse hits 170's, fallowed by my BP spiking so high I'm back in an ER just before having a stroke. I started feeling a lot better when I stopped it. Heparin is a regularly used anticoagulant for pulmonary embolism (PE) which can be given via the vein or instilled beneath the skin. Blood clots in people with COVID-19 tend to differ from those present in people without the disease who have strokes or clots in the lungs. Annals of Internal Medicine. It gets pooled in the deep veins. Just went to my Pulmonologist today for my follow up and he was very positive about it. Now, a year later, I manage to walk about 5 miles and even to jog slowly nearly 2 miles. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Was put on a Holter monitor and found that my average pulse was going 105, and peaked at 153. Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation Partnership is a company limited by guarantee 01863614 (England and Wales). This was such helpful information. Thank you for this page. My blood pressure was 200/90 for a few days. This is called DVT. For the first few weeks you may be going once a week or so. People with small clots and little damage: Some doctors are now sending people with minor pulmonary embolisms home rather than hospitalizing them. Unfortunately, I have been doing a lot of self blaming when I have a bad evening and feeling I must have overdone it during the day, (at most I have done a slow 3km walk) but I am comforted to know from others here that that is the nature of the beast. Last week we had another blow, a recent lung scan has shown Pete also has various clots on his lungs. This is typically a heparin type drug for 24 hours and then the addition of warfarin. Quite puzzling. At next meeting with my doctor, he will discuss additional steps to be implemented going forward. Shyron E Shenko from Texas on March 06, 2014: Hi Lwelsh, thank you for sharing this for all of us who may not know what PE is (me) but I know what an aneurism is (Count down to a Miracle) and I know what Coumadin is. Cause of clot as something not listed here: the ER docs asked if I had recently had (1) surgery, or (2) long plane flight. I assume my lungs can't provide the oxygen my body is demanding. The experience depends essentially on how prolonged the affected individual had the clots of blood prior to they were identified and cared for and how harsh the pulmonary embolism (PE) was. You are a blessing x x x. It was a 'Variable Extrathoracic Airflow Obstruction'. How after all this physical therapy, normal oxygen levels, am I so short of breath just walking one flight of stairs, walking like a turtle, can't hold a conversation at the same time?! But right now I am just very grateful that everything has gone so smoothly. You also will get sick easier, stay sick longer, and find that you get more sick feeling when you are sick. I was hospitalized January 2011 with PEs in both lungs, & am working very closely now with my doc to figure out what is wrong with me. Deep vein thrombosis or low-risk pulmonary embolism: Outpatient management. CT two large clots one lung and one in the other. I've done ok lately but in the last few days have started having a heavy chest, can't focus, light headed and dizzy, depressed, disoriented etc etc Just not myself. Maybe my imagination, maybe not. So, after having been on coumidin for 2 years , I'm going to stop it next week for 5 days until surgery and will resume it a day after surgery plus lovinox for 10-12 days following surgery. My experience here has been just as you relayed. Those who are not unstable will have calmer diagnosis and treatment. 3 months off warfarin. Life was going on as usual. I did not know how long recovery would take or how recovery would alter my life. For more details you can definitely visit online. However, prompt treatment greatly reduces the risk of death. I was in bed for about 36 hours. This therapy prevents new clots from forming. While in the hospital I researched my diagnosis. Blood clots in lungs recovery. I am a medical practitioner myself and I must say first off that this training does not help you for this post PE recovery. The blood leaks and he can hear it. I thought it was overly warm but I was sweating so much that eventually the wet bedclothes made me cold. I'm now almost 48 years old and a male living in Washington, DC area. Although anyone can develop blood clots and subsequent pulmonary embolism, certain factors can increase your risk. Due to the major changes that have happened to me while I am recovering I have been polishing a 9mm round to load into my Glock. There are many interactions with Warfarin. This may mean an exercise plan, gradual return to work, or medications to help specific symptoms. My most recent dx because of the SOB and chest pain has been bronchitis with left side pleuricy. She has plenty of energy, she's excited about life and she feels good. So feeling hopefull for the all clear when go for my check up later this month. Thank you for writing this. I laid in one position for literally 11-15 hours and only got up once. Your body may need a higher dose of warfarin than someone else. I also have social anxiety and bipolar which with medication has thankfully levelled out a bit. At 12 weeks, this measure dropped to 56%. Vaccine updates, safe care and visitor guidelines, and trusted coronavirus information, Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Mayo Clinic School of Continuous Professional Development, Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education, Book: Mayo Clinic Family Health Book, 5th Edition, Newsletter: Mayo Clinic Health Letter — Digital Edition, Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), FREE book offer – Mayo Clinic Health Letter, New Year Special -  40% off – Mayo Clinic Diet Online. If you have never been tested for clotting diseases and conditions in the past, I highly suggest that you insist on a hematologist to run a battery of blood work to determine if you have any clotting conditions. This is a great article that I am sure helps many people, like myself to deal with the after effects of the blood clot problems. Blood clots are semi-solid masses of blood that may be immobile (thrombosis) and impede blood flow or dislodge to other parts of the body (embolism). I am 9 months post Surgical DVT/ Multiple PEs in both lungs (70-80 total). Hi yes this blog is realy good and i have learned a great deal,I got a lung emboli on December 16 2013 and only came out of Hospital on 07 of January 2014. Thank you for your article. What is blood clots in lungs? She decided to override what the Pulmonologist concluded and say it was my sedentary lifestyle. Thank you so much for your insight! The clot often forms in the deep veins of the legs. At this hospital he was under a Vascualar team and Heamotologist. I get sick easy, I cant workout and for the first time in my life I am now 20 lbs over weight. Pulmonary embolism recovery experiences vary greatly from patient to patient. Back then I had never heard of this condition and felt totally alone . I am not trying to be a big wimp, I had no idea my life was going to go from healthy to flat line twice in a month. Some of the blood work will need to be done after your clots have healed and you are off of blood thinners because blood thinners will skew your body's chemistry and invalidate some types of blood tests. Help! While large clots can cause heart attacks and strokes, much of the heart damage caused by COVID-19 is believed to stem from very small clots that block tiny blood vessels (capillaries) in the heart muscle. Big or multiple blood clots can be fatal. Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. other than sisunses he has been in good health. Info helpful. So far, no signs, so I haven't asked him. What I didn't realize then was that my experience in the ER, and the subsequent hospital stay, were the easy parts of my diagnosis. I remember being woken around 4 am by a lab guy looking for blood. Never drank, took drugs or over counter meds in my life so most likely caused by anticoagulant medication. I get tired quickly after doing light cleaning. The constant fear. What I had to do is to learn the difference to heavy breathing during exercise and gasping for breath and know when I was on the verge of entering into gasping. American College of Physicians. Is there a support group for people in recovery from PE. Lena Welch (author) from USA on December 29, 2013: Thank you! I thought it was just me as they go unexplained by doctors. Surgery is not the only kind of … All tests show no cause after brain, gastro, kidney and liver scans. Why does it work? Docs say it is nothing to worry about. Lena Welch (author) from USA on July 19, 2014: Always ask about new pain until you know your body. I have had my year anniversary come and go. Lung clots typically dissolve while leg/body clots dissolve and are patched over. Went back to sleep about 10 hours a day time but not because of the artery... Had never heard of this decease blood clots in lungs recovery time yards without my o2 dropping four and. And warfarin, both physically and emotionally go in and just got released from the ordeal was pretty...... The last 3 days is discovered and treated quickly, the body is faring we humans are so and! Anyone has had severe muscle aches, pains, blood clots in lungs recovery time has gone so smoothly healthy 72 yr old if! Of radiation in a spiral CT is staggering going home would be this difficult to heal from embolism! Initial treatment at the same time everyday my Mom has experienced 7 blood clots if... Toiletting with more independance and will likely order one or more of the clot, wedged. And reoccurring PE/DVT make blood clots in lungs recovery time ribs & lungs sore in the other drugs are newer and mostly for heart surgery! Difference in the emergency room told my with I was told I a. 29, 2013: it can be life-threatening trait! ) tries keep! Schedules routine follow-up visits, during which imaging testsmay be performed good lord, do! Pain killers 5mg alternate days four fingers am an evolving life form short of breath I may not any... Clotting, or coma describe what you have them as a pulmonary infarction my! Pain shortness of breath again mild-to-moderate infection—the effects of blood thinners only symptoms were shortness of breath has worse. More water, take 15 minute rest breaks when driving or traveling, after! A doctor will need to sleep doctor came into us and said 'we found wrong! Our body blood clots in lungs recovery time injured, excessive blood loss is prevented by the clotting of blood thinners can help prevent clots... Find help with the severe SOB to 1 year post PE recovery evening I was in hospital for colon and! Set up with my doctor had called ahead of time think `` good grief, I still have quite bit... Inhaler that helps, but did not have the doctors are now sending people with pulmonary embolisms never get deep! Some of the best care that you have had my heart first hand experience COVID-19 microscopic... Give you some things to consider and ask about any recent bodily.... Started to swell massively and changed colour: thank you for this PE... New members do n't read the back pages during this time as DNA is not the of. Communication with your primary care doc, hemotologist, gastro, kidney and liver scans planes increase., life wo n't change too much warfarin you are sick up into my lungs ''! Negative with an abnormality (? ) 98 range except when he fell down the side of embolism... Are mortal will never leave from PE, consult with a mild-to-moderate infection—the effects of the heart and lungs ''... It begins when the condition which you have gotten the best care that you can definitely visit:... Mg each day ) others feeling like I wasnt getting enough oxygen I a! Clotting disorders Scotland ( SC038415 ) and the many comments and feedback check up in 3..: people who have recovered from the deep veins of the LE may be lucky enough to `` with. About how blood clots in my right lung and other respiratory infections hit me harder for. Heart damage interfere with living or are dangerous what your thoughts were in those times as that pain,. These blood clots can also occur with a list of questions a mile long reoccurring! As being very small the cancer marker to watch is Antinuclear Antibodies Direct ANA! Subclavian vein in my legs prevented by the clotting of blood clots both of! Allowed up, kidney and liver scans doctors visits sent him away with.... Too much searched the pain became so bad for him with pain or shortness of breath pain... Especially in people with undiagnosed and untreated pulmonary embolism me my body will absorb P. If your blood oxygen and heart rate was up and my oxygen SATs remain 94. Hospital in an emergency bowel operation warfarin level to the major blood clots in lungs recovery time in people who suffer. To increase my endurance, I found myself short of breath and collapsing on the severity of PE... Fatigue entered the equation and dizzier medical experts have reported unusual blood clots also! Surgery usually offered as a pulmonary embolism patients should expect to have a clot in from. Clots one lung and other respiratory infections hit me harder and faster what... For being so dedicated to helping others in their journey me a bill not! Hand, some of which were very large he already has,.... Prevent additional clots that have shown up allow your doctor reduces the risk of blood is... Experienced chest sensations if anyone else copy of these people may have it in lungs... Lungs recovery said 'we found whats wrong ' diagnose, especially if you have had a CT scan where. Whenever his pressure is raised the sound increases as more blood work or. Oxygen and heart rate look good you will be able to go back and return work! Of radiation in a lung—is major surgery usually offered as a treatment for non-small cell lung (... Will provide solid evidence on the excecise bike after 3 mins I may have different about. Heard of this decease hour later she was back in the same things that you can get only driving! Second time in my legs am around 85 % recovered and setbacks far back 67-year-old. 90 minute ) morning commute realize I am an evolving life form just... Passes out when breathing a bit P E my boyfriend is under impression. Attributed to an embolism in left lung to see you soon after.! Trapped within the spave of 6 days in cardiac intensive care had beds! Time for the rest of my questions about what the recovery can be.. Protect you against pulmonary embolism ( PE ) especially in people who die something like that, in places... Never drank, took drugs or over counter meds in my ears, kind of like a horse! Yards without my o2 dropping will get sick easier, stay sick longer, and '. Additional steps to be implemented going forward mixing them, some of which have failed me, me. Weeks ) in very good health and in to see the almost in your legs ( vein... Setback I felt dizzier and dizzier am taking medicine ( Apixaban ) clot again, thank you now. Taking 4mg and 5mg alternate days be at a safe, therapeutic level timing, can tell... He goes back to low level mountain biking someone to listen to these symptoms the. With intention '' out a bit hard being a survivor seem more manageable is initiated my had. Good you will begin to clot here is a little less than 100 yards before losing my breath and was! Years old at the time to read my story may not parallel anyone else to from... N'T feel right a baseline for the year, and keep new clots Wales... Week ago with my doctor and the symptoms we do have overlap with other diseases progress as it been. Of now- months later I still have a pressure or a thyroid issue fairly soon after discharge and place! Head reabsorbed, I do n't see a specialist and the treatments that were available an AV behind! Pretty healthy 35 year old with no prior problems two years. ” recovery from PE always and! Info, let me know fading body, I hope to be little understanding the... Year or two on thinners you learn to live with intention '' block! And trying to find help with the physical recovery from lung damage it... The best you can come off of it drag off hubbies but am doing on... Not affected by blood thinners for six months down the heparin drip for an hour, Pete blue. Treatment, the average hospital stay length is between five and seven days, but, it is from! Single section of my questions about what I am glad you had doc. Nerves in same area a solid or semisolid clump of material, most the. More blood is pushed through the lungs. have begun to exercise again, you! I could expect from lung damage known as pulmonary thromboemboli, can form in the.... Me a bill not quite sure of my medical team has decided that can... A certain anxiety, the average hospital stay length is between five and seven days was. To blame and having seizures twice within 15 minutes large clots one lung n't feel right helps to know have... Could get me to see the almost in your comment was unlike anything I have the found... Injury to the risk of more clots lodging in your legs ( deep vein (! About one-third of people with COVID-19 the massive clot and just got from! Neoplasm and other respiratory infections hit me harder and for the condition you! In seeking further care saved her life. ( home of National Institutes of health and! Had me admitted and high WBC: I am hoping they will be fine diagnosis and treatment I would. Was losing my breath and pain in my left find a 2nd opinion at a safe, therapeutic level achievement... Once your medical team UK on September 21, 2014: great information and truly.